How much hair do I need?

-Bundles are 3.5 ounces each. We recommend purchasing three bundles for lengths 16-18" and four bundles for all lengths 20" and longer.

How long will hair last?

-If taken care of properly hair can last up to 1+ years. 

Can I color this hair?

-This is 100% Virgin Human hair. Yes, the hair can be colored. We recommend seeking professional assistance.

What type of products should I use?

-We recommend using shampoos free of sulfate We do not recommend using any oils, unless it's a light argan oil. 

Daily Maintenance 

Shampoo at least once a week with sulfate free products

Rinse thoroughly with cool water 

Apply conditioner and comb thru with a wide tooth comb starting at the ends and working your way to the scalp

Rinse thoroughly

Let air-dry